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A Warning for Ticket Purchasers

I know this is a touch OT, but because it relates to my purchase of tickets for Equus this fall, I wanted to share it with you, in the hopes that no one else will be stuck in my current situation. I'll start off with the short version, and put the details under a cut to spare those who really couldn't care less.

1) Purchased 6 tickets to Equus using Visa card. Paid oodles of money I don't actually have.
2) Realized that I had just moved, and had used my old address for the billing and delivery, instead of just for the billing.
3) E-mailed company with the corrected address.
4) Tickets went to old address anyway. E-mail was ignored.
5) Called company requesting tickets.
6) Told that I'm an irresponsible moron (in less nice words) and they don't know where my tickets are or when I'll get them.
7) E-mailed Customer Service twice with no response
8) Opened a complained with the BBB and my credit card company
9) Found out that they have seven other open complaints with the BBB and feel like a tool for ever giving them my money
10) Still do not have tickets for Equus in my hot little hand

The company involved is Ticket Cyclone. DO NOT use them. I have never been yelled at by a "customer service" person before and he nearly had me in tears. When I started to talk back to him "you're a company, why would you yell at..." he hung up on me.

The Not-So-Nice E-Mail to Ticket Cyclone
I was just hung up on after two phone calls with in incredibly rude man who proceeded to scream at me. You are a company who I gave several thousand dollars in order purchase tickets! When my order was returned to you, I should have received a phone call in a matter of days in order to clarify the problem with delivery. Instead, I get some complete asshole telling me what an idiot I am, and what does it matter how long it will take to get my tickets, when I didn't bother to tell anyone what my new address was in the first place!

I don't know who you think you are, but this is a company that should not exist, if you treat people like completely worthless individuals. I wish I was able to get a complete refund on my tickets and buy them through another, reputable, source, but unfortunately that is not possible.

If there is such a thing as karma, your company will go bankrupt in a matter of months, and the individual I talked to today will die a horrible death for his lack of respect to others.

My Letter to the Better Business Bureau
I purchased six tickets from Ticket Cyclone on April 28, 2008. They were mailed on May 21, 2008, but sent to my old address. This was my fault. The tickets were returned to Ticket Cyclone. This has been verified by FedEx and Ticket Cyclone. My problem came when I called their customer service line August 15, 2008.

During my first conversation, I was told that because they had mailed the tickets out, they were no longer responsible for them. However, as stated above, they are in the possession of Ticket Cyclone once again. The man I spoke to was incredibly rude, but I, unfortunately, did not get his name. After hanging up with him, I called FedEx and verified that the tickets had been returned to their office and signed for. So I called back and got the same person. He proceeded to, quite literally, yell at me and treat me like a child. He told me that they receive thousands of returned mail packages and he has no idea where the tickets are. When I asked him how long it might take to locate them, he said "what do you care how long it takes when you don't even bother to tell anyone you've moved?" He then hung up on me.

I have e-mailed their customer service department several times and never received a response. The last time was on August 21, when I told them that if I did not hear from anyone within the next few days, I would be taking action through my credit card company, which I plan to do. I really wish I'd checked their BBB listing before I gave them $2,112.64. Anything you can do to assist me would be greatly appreciated.

The BBB sent my complaint to the company, but I have yet to hear back from them. I'm actually a bit hesitant to call the "customer service" department again and may sick my Lawyer Father on them instead now that he's back from vacation. The poor guy found out about all of this while he was in the middle of the Alaskan Tundra and was back in full lawyer mode in 20 seconds! Like he could do all that much for me in the middle of nowhere, but nice of him to get all protective of his only child, even if I am an adult now. *sigh* hopefully I will get my tickets in time to see the show in October!


Aug. 29th, 2008 05:46 pm (UTC)
that's the plan, but I wanted the tickets in my hand first. My dad just e-mailed me. He called the place (as my lawyer - yay!) and this is apparently the response:

Gary, per our t/c of this date please see my contact information below.

Just to confirm in general:

My understanding is that you are dilligently searching for the tickets returned by FED X on June 10th, 2008; that you fear they may have been destroyed or lost in some fashion following their return; that you will see if they can be reprinted but that is a long shot; that if you can't find or reprint you will refund the purchase price; that I will call you next Friday to resolve.

I understand your position. Perhaps they can be located or reprinted but generally agree that if not, then by next Friday we should resolve to bring to a conclusion.
Aug. 29th, 2008 05:50 pm (UTC)
So dad put the fear of God in someone eh? You go dad. Excellent.


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