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Equus Signed Booklet

Hey all,

Apologies if this isn't allowed - mods please feel free to delete if it isn't!

I have a program from the BRITISH performance of Equus, signed by Daniel Radcliffe.

I bought it over a year ago from Marjorie on JKR's Army, which is associated with Mugglenet. I'll include a copy of the letter from her to whoever buys this, which basically says "if this signature is ever found to be fake I'll pay back the $90", and my own version. (This is a good way to track where the book has been, too!). Needless to say, I'm selling the book for $90.

It's been kept in a clear plastic protective cover since before I got it, though the spine of the book has some wear I guess from before it got back to the states.

If interested please leave a note HERE on my journal, or e-mail me at:  angelstarfire_hikarist@yahoo.com

I'll get back to you asap. :)

Thank you!

Dan's performance dates?

OK, so there's a small possibility I might be able to go back to NY this winter break and see Equus (again). My question that I'm hoping you can help me with: do we know what dates, if any, Dan is taking off for the hols?

It's my time!!

It's here! We leave for NYC tonight. Well technically tomorrow- we're leaving at Midnight. It's about a nine hour and 19 minute drive though, so we'll get their around 10-10:30 ish after delays etc. Five of us are going and three of the five are driving. One of the other's a student here from Japan, so they can't, and the other doesn't have her license.

It's crazy that it's finally here. We've been planning this trip for a year now, and here it is. Large as life looming before me. I'm panicking, just knowing that I'll forget something-not likely with all the lists I have- but it's there none the less. I'm gonna take a cat nap around six so that I'll be rested, but I have last shift anyway-I'm the most experienced city driver-so I'll sleep in the car.

Equus is Saturday night @ 8. Did anybody else hear about the fact that his grandmother died? It's sad, because that's always such a loss. I know I was devastated when mine died. Fortunately for his fans he's decided to continue on because that's what his number one fan would have wanted.

I'm not bringing my laptop. I'm staying at a Hostel and I don't want to risk such a valuable part of me being stolen. So, no updates until Monday.

On another note, anyone in my flist going to be in New York this weekend? Want to meet up sometime? If you're at Equus yourself, I'll be in the Balcony, wearing a black dress with a Red belt and red accents. Come say hi! lol.

New York sites

Just wanted to share a bit of info, in case there are others like me around who haven't visited New York much (or ever!) and will also be looking for good deals on sight-seeing while there for the shows.

I've used this company before, in another city, and it really does save you money, even if you don't manage to go to all the attractions while you're there (when we used it before, I think we used either 3-4 of the 6-8 tickets we had, and still saved a LOT of money over what we'd normally have paid for those entrance fees).

I haven't used this other company personally, but they also look like a good deal overall, especially if you've got a bit more time in the city:

Enjoy :-)


Well, we've booked our rooms. They are Not where we originally planned it to be. We were having all sorts of problems when we tried to book it there Wed., and when we went back Friday, they were suddenly all booked. So we switched to a place called L-Hostel. So that's where we're staying. There's five of us, and five tickets. However, we might loose one of them, and if we do that means I'll have a ticket to sell. It's in the balcony, row E. I'd sell it for what I paid for it- 124.00. Any body hesitantly interested if I did? It would be for OCT 18th.

A Warning for Ticket Purchasers

I know this is a touch OT, but because it relates to my purchase of tickets for Equus this fall, I wanted to share it with you, in the hopes that no one else will be stuck in my current situation. I'll start off with the short version, and put the details under a cut to spare those who really couldn't care less.

1) Purchased 6 tickets to Equus using Visa card. Paid oodles of money I don't actually have.
2) Realized that I had just moved, and had used my old address for the billing and delivery, instead of just for the billing.
3) E-mailed company with the corrected address.
4) Tickets went to old address anyway. E-mail was ignored.
5) Called company requesting tickets.
6) Told that I'm an irresponsible moron (in less nice words) and they don't know where my tickets are or when I'll get them.
7) E-mailed Customer Service twice with no response
8) Opened a complained with the BBB and my credit card company
9) Found out that they have seven other open complaints with the BBB and feel like a tool for ever giving them my money
10) Still do not have tickets for Equus in my hot little hand

The company involved is Ticket Cyclone. DO NOT use them. I have never been yelled at by a "customer service" person before and he nearly had me in tears. When I started to talk back to him "you're a company, why would you yell at..." he hung up on me.

The Not-So-Nice E-Mail to Ticket CycloneCollapse )

My Letter to the Better Business BureauCollapse )

The BBB sent my complaint to the company, but I have yet to hear back from them. I'm actually a bit hesitant to call the "customer service" department again and may sick my Lawyer Father on them instead now that he's back from vacation. The poor guy found out about all of this while he was in the middle of the Alaskan Tundra and was back in full lawyer mode in 20 seconds! Like he could do all that much for me in the middle of nowhere, but nice of him to get all protective of his only child, even if I am an adult now. *sigh* hopefully I will get my tickets in time to see the show in October!
Okay, help? I have this megga $$$$ trip to Equus planned and NO HOTEL ROOM. Is there anyone going who needs another person to help cut costs? Or maybe someone else who doesn't HAVE a room yet? Help a broke girl out! *begs*

I KNOW some of you will be there, because shocolate will be there. Even if you don't have a room, do you know of a "cheap" hotel?

October 14-21

Two Playbill articles

Finally some new updates (and new pics too)!

There are two new articles up at Playbill.com about Equus. Stage seating, a snippet of casting news, and box office info is included!

Intro, dates and questions . . .

Just dropped in to say "hello" ...

I'm assuming you all know, but the Equus/Broadway website is up now. It's at www.equusonbroadway.com and so far is pretty much a carbon copy of the original site for the London run last year.

I'm going to the first preview performance on September 5th, then again at the end. So far I have tickets for the January 31st (the matinee), February 1st and both shows on February 4th.

I keep hoping they'll make some announcement about stage seating, and if they do (assuming the announcement is that there WILL be stage seating, I'll be trying to go at least one more time, most likely on the trip at the end of the run.

Does anyone here know anything about whether they plan to have stage seating and/or if they are ever going to sell tickets for February 5th-8th?
I have my tickets, both theater and plane, but I don't have a place to stay yet! Being laid off was not in my plans, so things are tight right now, but I will do anything in my power to still go on this trip.

If you are going to be in NYC on some or all of the dates I will be there and either need a roommate or are willing to let me crash on your floor (seriously - I don't need a sofa, just a few square feet of floor and a pillow), please let me know!!! I'm sure a lot of you are going to try and split the costs, as NYC is even more expensive than my city of San Diego.

I land in NYC on Wednesday, October 15. I leave on Wednesday, October 22. I need sleep space for the 15th to the 21st, and a place to keep my bags on the 22nd.

(28 y/o female non-axe murderer)