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Guess what I'm holding in my hands?

That's right! Five tickets to Broadway! For my goup! I'm so excited because now it's really real!!!!! Although with gas prices climbing the gas is gonna kill us. *grumbles* If there weren't five of us to split the cost it'd be cheeper to fly!

Are you going?

I am planning to buy my tickets in the next day or two (yay, procrastination!) and wanted to find out if anyone I know already has dates and/or tickets planned/purchased. Since I'm likely going on my own, I'd love to be able to meet up with some fandom friends while I'm there.


AKA: El Solo Mio

Apr. 10th, 2008

Hey everyone. If you're not an American Expres Gold card member you can purchase your tickets starting the 26th according to this website....


Dates announced!

I go out to lunch, and look what happens! We have date announcements only. Sept 25, 2008 - Feb 8, 2009. No theatre yet, or any other cast members. Rehearsals begin Aug 11, 2008.



Nov. 5th, 2007

Hey all- Just thought I'd say we now have a theater group name. It's one of the Shubert Theatres in New York, At least according to this post...http://www.observer.com/term/48370

Equus confirmed for Broadway!

As much as I hate to use the rather tabloid-esque UK Daily Mail as a source, it appears that for now, I must. After all of the rumors this summer and Dan's own very public statements about a deal being in the works, it seems that finally Equus is being confirmed as moving to Broadway!

So you'll probably see this community start to shape up a bit (and hopefully grow). norton_gale and I welcome you and hope you enjoy the ride as much as we will!

ETA: Jenna of DR.com is now reporting that Dan and his people have been told the Broadway deal is settled and she was cleared to make the announcement. So, it's definitely officially official now!